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You are purchasing a 100% Grass Fed/Grass Finished Steer!


 Your 1000 lb animal should yield about 370 lbs of beef plus bones and organs. The Whole Beef will fit inside a large chest freezer. (about 19.8 cubic feet).


We deliver your animal directly to the butcher then have it cut and CUSTOMIZED to your specifications.


Available butcher in Florida are:


For our Wholesale customers (Custom Butcher):

-Williams Custom Cutting

22506 64th Ave E.

Bradenton, FL 34211



For our retail customers(USDA Inspected):

-Circle C Farm

951 Mims Road

Felda, FL 33930

(239) 776-9054


We believe in HUMANE SLAUGHTER/BUTCHER in which the animal is respected after a happy life on our farm.


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