The Animals

Our Pasture Raised Chickens and Forest Raised Pork eat grass and bugs while supplemented with Certified Organic Soy Free seeds. Chickens and Pigs are usually raised in large factory farms and fed GMO's with anti-biotics, but when raised on pasture, their rich flavor and yellow fat(Beta-Carotene) are unmatched. We raise chickens in movable pens to protect them against predators. They are rotated to fresh grass daily and are allowed to express their natural bird instincts. Our pigs enjoy freedom throughout our forests and pastures. 

Proud to offer 100% Grass Finished Florida "Cracker" Beef (Heritage Criollo) that thrive on lush South Florida pastures and raised to the cleanest standard. (No Anti-biotics, No Vaccines). Our small herd are born and raised in Florida. We believe ruminants should only ever consume grasses, forbs, and legumes. Never confined and never given grains. We rotate them throughout the pasture to mimic grazing herds in the wild.