Florida Cracker Cattle are descendants


of the first cattle brought to America


by the Spanish Conquistadores in the 1500's. These


cattle roamed wild in Florida for centuries and


,through natural selection, adapted to our climate and forages.


Florida Crackers thrive on a 100% grass based diet


with no need for chemical de-wormers and


antibiotics. Our pasture is completely chemical free.


Not only are we raising clean, ethical,

and nutrient dense beef, we are also contributing

to this rare breeds conservation. The Florida Cracker is

catalogued on Slow Food USA - Ark of Taste as

a Heritage Breed.

Ark of Taste • Slow Food USA


We raise chickens on pasture where they eat grass and

bugs while supplemented with Certified Organic


Soy Free feed(mix of peas, corn, sunflower). We raise them

in movable floorless coops to protect them from predators

and rotate them to fresh grass daily.


SOL City Farm began when a young family from Miami,


FL couldn't trust the meat being sold at the supermarket. 


They took the "bull by the horns" and started a


small regenerative farm


to produce nutrient dense food for themselves and


their local community. They began renting land on the

outskirts of town and raising cows and chickens in

an ethical and regenerative manner. From their family

to your table with no fluff, just CLEAN NUTRIENT