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Raised on pasture and rotationally grazed. 100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef born and raised in South Florida. NO VACCINES AT ALL. NO MRNA VACCINE. Never given chemicals or antibiotics and raised on CHEMICAL FREE PASTURES and supplemented with SEA SALT and KELP for minerals. NEVER ANY GRAINS.


What to expect: You can expect an average of 45-55lbs of meat. A share will typically require 4 cubic feet of space in your freezer. All the meat will arrive fully frozen and individually packaged.


Each share will vary slightly on cuts and weights but a typical sample share might look like this:

Ground Beef x 12

Rib-Eye Steak x 3

Sirloin Steak x 3

Porterhouse Steak x 1

Short Ribs x 2

Cube Steak x 3

T-Bone Steal x 2

Flat Iron Steak x 1

Skirt Steak x 1

London Broil x 2

Tip Steak x 1

Eye of Round Roast x 1

Bottom Round Roast x 2

Mock Tender x 1

Shoulder Roast x 1

QUARTER COW - Grass Fed Beef

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