Raised on pasture and rotated to fresh grass daily. Fed CERTIFIED ORGANIC SOY-FREE AND CORN FREE FEED. Deliveries are on Saturday mornings anywhere in Miami-Dade. If you live outside of this area, email us to schedule a pick up location. Delivered Bundles come with 5 whole chickens. To purchase a la carte, must schedule a farm tour and pick up in person on Saturday from 9:00-10:00 am at drop off location at 11825 NW 56 Street Miami, FL.
5 Small Chickens Bundle - $142.50, (3-4lbs chickens)

5 Medium Chickens - $180.00, (4-5lbs chickens)

5 Large Chickens - $217.50, (5-6lbs chickens)

Five Whole Chickens - AUGUST 2020

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